# Git

Git is what is known as a version control system. It allows for multiple people to work together on a single project, syncronizing changes, and merging changes to a central copy of the code.

To get started with git:

  1. Install git on your computer

Install git-scm

Launch the file and follow the graphical installation steps. There are a lot of options, but the defaults should be fine for you.

run git --version in your terminal. If you don't already have it installed, a prompt will appear to install it. SImply follow the on-screen instructions.

Install the git package using your package manager.

Debian (and derrivatives): sudo apt install git Arch Linux (and derrivatives): sudo pacman -S git Fedora (and derrivatives): sudo dnf install git-all LFS & Gentoo: You're on your own

  1. Clone the git repository for the team code. This changes every year. If you are unsure as to the repo url, ask the code team head.

git clone <url> (location). Note that <url> is required, while (location) is optional

  1. The code is now on your computer. You can now open the code in Intellij Idea

Installing Intellij