# Welcome to the Scarlett Robotics FTC Wiki!

Welcome to the Scarlett Robotics Team wiki. Our group is made up of 4 sub-teams: Design, Build, Code and PR. In each sub-team you will learn various skills and methods to design, build, wire and code. Each sub-team has specific roles and tasks to complete.

# Build/Electrical

Build team assumes the role of the constructors of the team. They build the robots frame and various subsystems. They are also responsible for wiring the robot. Often seen in their natural habitat surrounded by tools and metal. They communicate through a series of grunts and metal screeching sounds.

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# Code

The Code sub-team are entrusted with making the robot have a brain. Often communicating through beeps and robotic screeching. Do not enter their workspace without energy drinks and sugar.

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# Design

Design is our sub-team responsible for 3d modelling our parts, running the 3d printers and running simulations of the robot. They are a subgenus of the Code genus.

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